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Event: Nelson Arrieta & Ronald Borjas

ProShowTV presents Ronald Borjas & Nelson Arrieta next June 3rd on their Tours "Sobran los Moments" performing all their hits live... It will be a unique event!!!

DAY/Day: Saturday June 3, 2023
LUGAR/PLACE: Memphis Music Room.
All Ages Event
Date: Saturday, June, 3, 2023
Door Time: 08:00 PM
Show Time: 10:00 PM
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Ronald Borjas is a singer born in Maracaibo, Venezuela. You can follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube where you can keep up to date with all my movements. Thank you for joining me on my new path.

He was born in Maracaibo, Zulia State on November 19, 1981. making music  10 years old, at that age starting with percussion, specifically the timpani. At 14, he began to feel attracted to singing. Throughout his teens, he played as a soloist in bands such as  Caribe Song, Secret Orchestra, Classic Group, Asterisco Song, VHG and Bacanos..

After graduating from the University Celilio Acosta with a degree in Music Education, he went on to tour with Super Banda de Venezuela Guaco. He started out as a singer on then on the album Eqqus and made his debut as a singer-songwriter on the song "Te Vas"


Nelson Arrieta is product of Latin music who has always been characterized by his perseverance, dedication, talent and the particularity of earning the love and respect of those who know him.

Nelson Arrieta, singer-songwriter, has a very marked fingerprint for his extraordinary voice. Along with his interpretive talent, they define him as one of the most outstanding artists of the salsa genre and tropical genre in Latin America.

He began his career very young at the age of 19, forming part of the leading voice of the Super Banda de Venezuela Guaco. In Guaco she had resounding hits like "Zapatero", "Fatal Attraction", "Todo Quedó", "Luciana", "Regálame tu Amor" in the 18 years that she remained in the band

Since 2006 he began his career as a soloist. Until 2011 he recorded 4 studio albums "En el camino"-1996, "Cuando nacen las palabras"-1997, "Iré"-2006, "Huele a rosas"-2011, in these last two debuting as a singer-songwriter

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