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The Memphis Music Room is a 50,000 sq. ft. complex dedicated to local Memphis Music and Performing Arts that sits on approximately 5.5 acres in Memphis, TN.


The Memphis Music Room was established to facilitate economic activity, education and professional support for Memphis artists and musicians.

The music and arts industry has taken a huge blow, especially for professional musicians that are doing music full time for their income, many having to support an entire family.

We exist as a place to ensure that Memphis music makes it’s comeback. We are locally focused, providing rehearsal space to local musicians and showcasing artists in a way no other venue does. 



We serve as a central location that professional musicians can use to rehearse, collaborate, teach, and perform. Our venue serves local Memphis musicians, bands, and more. It provides a top quality immersive experience for fans and supporters of the acts and artists. 

In addition, the venue is used by local organizations to host a wide range of both private and ticketed events, ranging from ring side sporting events to conferences and tradeshows. The emphasis in everything we do is on serving Memphis.